Mar 11, 2014:

2:39 PM Milestone 2.3 completed
Picking up some stuff left over with the 2.2 release.

Mar 10, 2014:

11:20 PM Ticket #2125 (Changes to PassedAway profile status) closed by crumbking
fixed: what is the status here?
11:19 PM Ticket #2115 (Sometimes messages couldn't be deleted) closed by crumbking
fixed: works!
11:18 PM Ticket #2101 (Add possibility to mark translation as minor change) closed by crumbking
fixed: FAQ should go in a new ticket. this is done.
11:17 PM Ticket #2037 (delete from database words that are not used in the code) closed by crumbking
fixed: guess this is done!
11:17 PM Ticket #2106 (Improvements to the translation lists) closed by crumbking
fixed: okay works
11:16 PM Ticket #2119 (Split workflows in AdminWord) closed by crumbking
fixed: old stuff cleanup we do later...done here.
11:15 PM Ticket #2107 (Remove inconsistencies from words table) closed by crumbking
11:14 PM Ticket #2152 (Move 'Leave Group' button and use less eye catching) closed by crumbking
fixed: no reactions, works
11:13 PM Ticket #2153 (Show latest group activity on the overview page) closed by crumbking
fixed: okay works
11:12 PM Ticket #2027 (Add a suggestion feature) closed by crumbking
fixed: seems to work.
7:12 PM Ticket #2145 (ToU: Implement silent membership) closed by crumbking
fixed: works on alpha
4:55 PM Ticket #2164 (Switch OSM map to mapquest tiles) created by toub
Cloudmade is stopping his free OSM tiles service on May the 1st, 2014. …

Mar 5, 2014:

4:47 PM Ticket #2163 (outgoing messages not in the outbox.) created by beatnickgr
some messages, including id 234182 and 234189 are not appearing in my …

Mar 1, 2014:

12:39 AM Ticket #2162 (join past activities) created by beatnickgr
We should be able to join past activities, if we have done it …
12:37 AM Ticket #2161 (permalinks don't work when thread is more than 1 page long.) created by beatnickgr
example http://www.bewelcome.org/forums/s10211/#post53624 returns to …

Feb 22, 2014:

4:17 PM Ticket #2146 (Unable to log in) closed by beatnickgr
worksforme: i confirm that it's now working again.
2:52 PM Ticket #2160 (After accepting a group invitation show member settings page) created by shevek
Currently after clicking the accept group invitation link you end up …

Feb 15, 2014:

10:16 AM Ticket #2159 (New members cannot register (2)) created by beatnickgr
It's NOT the same case as the previous ticket 2157 with the same name. …
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