Jul 19, 2014:

3:32 PM Ticket #2231 (Ensure that newsletters are shown on /newsletter after sending) created by shevek
The newsletters are selected based on the status in the broadcast …
11:06 AM PhinxHowTo created by shevek

Jul 17, 2014:

3:04 PM Ticket #2230 (No notification is sent on new comment) created by Tsjoek
due to a missing check no notification is currently sent when a new …
1:06 PM Ticket #1899 (Document cron jobs running on www) closed by Tsjoek
fixed: Looks good to me.

Jul 16, 2014:

12:43 AM Ticket #2229 (Updating location doesn't work on Firefox (Android)) created by sitarane
It might be for Firefox-Desktop as well. I was able to load the …

Jul 13, 2014:

10:29 PM Ticket #2228 (Allow treasurer to not set a country for bank transfers) created by shevek
As already noted by crumbking during testing and now again by the …

Jul 12, 2014:

8:18 PM status.2.pdf attached to DatabaseMemberStatus by Tsjoek
Flow chart
8:18 PM status.pdf attached to DatabaseMemberStatus by Tsjoek
member status documentation

Jul 11, 2014:

12:30 PM DatabaseMemberStatus created by Tsjoek
12:13 PM DatabaseDocumentation created by Tsjoek
12:04 PM WikiStart edited by Tsjoek

Jul 10, 2014:

11:49 PM Ticket #2082 (Activities near me broken) closed by Tsjoek
fixed: Rectangle is now around city, although things could still be further …

Jul 6, 2014:

5:09 PM Ticket #2227 (Cleanup directory structure in build/messages) created by shevek
A lot of classes in one file. Page classes not in pages directory.
5:03 PM Ticket #2226 (Update 3rd party modules) created by shevek
Update 3rd party modules. If available use composer package instead of …

Jul 5, 2014:

2:42 PM Ticket #2210 (country pages - wrong login to see more message) reopened by Tsjoek
I'm reopening this ticket, because it still contains the unresolved …
2:31 PM Ticket #2225 (Improve procedure invitations for groupmembers) created by Tsjoek
From #1813: In case the invitation is not accepted by the member, …
1:40 PM Ticket #2224 (Handling groupmember admin functions incorrect) created by Tsjoek
After accepting/kicking/banning etc. a member the groupadmin gets …

Jul 4, 2014:

7:10 PM Ticket #2223 (Password can not contain special characters) created by shevek
A user reported a problem changing his password. This seems to be due …
11:40 AM ShortIntroductionToDevelopmentBasedOnPlatformPT edited by steinwinde
Made clear that routes.php only covers some of the URLs. (diff)
8:10 AM Ticket #2222 (Search - IE 8 UI bugs) created by crumbking
Several bugs in IE8: * no white background for the advance search * …
8:00 AM Ticket #2221 (group pages - wrong login to see more members message) created by crumbking
If you are logged in and surf Berlin group: …
7:58 AM Ticket #2210 (country pages - wrong login to see more message) closed by crumbking

Jul 3, 2014:

10:34 AM Ticket #2060 (Privacy issue: file name of pictures in gallery is displayed) closed by Tsjoek
worksforme: After giving picture a title, legend (when viewing picture in large) …
9:57 AM Ticket #2220 (Mistakes on group creation/update not handled correctly) created by Tsjoek
On creation of a group or update by a groupadmin, you can possibly do …

Jun 26, 2014:

5:43 PM Ticket #2168 (Remove world visibility (part 2)) reopened by shevek
Testing a bit obviously missed the problem with a missing post …

Jun 24, 2014:

6:56 PM Ticket #2219 (Introduce phinx as DB migration tool) created by shevek
Perform necessary actions to be able to use phinx (see phinx.org) for …

Jun 22, 2014:

7:09 PM InstallingOnWindowsOptionalUnits edited by Tsjoek
6:27 PM Ticket #2218 (Fix wrong charset coding) created by shevek
Reported in the bugs group: …

Jun 21, 2014:

3:00 PM Ticket #2217 (Warning message on alpha and beta) created by mahouni
The following warning message is displayed on some wiki pages when …
1:46 PM Ticket #2216 (Fix slow queries) created by shevek
The slow query log indicates that there is ample room for improvement.

Jun 19, 2014:

11:56 AM Ticket #2215 (Hide "max. number of guests" when hosting status is "no".) created by sitatara
From a support ticket: "I am wondering why, when you choose "no, …
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