BWbuntu is currently unmaintained. New maintainer wanted!

If you don't want to go through the hassle of setting up a complete development stack, go to and start downloading BWbuntu.ova while you read the rest of this page.

BWbuntu is a virtual machine image for VirtualBox (read below if you don't know what this is) with a complete LAMP stack setup, along with BW git repository clones, so you're ready to start hacking just by starting up the VM.

Some additional hints:

  • if localhost or some pages didn't work out of the box, the reason are maybe missing database changes. Apply the sql from DatabaseChanges to the database called bwrox
  • BWbuntu provides MySQL Workbench (with configured database connection)
  • As an alternative you can try:
    • terminal: "sudo apt-get install phpmyadmin" (root password for mysql is "bewelcome", when phpmyadmin asks for it)
    • in your browser log into localhost/phpmyadmin with username "root" and passwort "bewelcome"
  • By default rox in BWbuntu isn't sending emails. If you use "php htdocs/bw/mailbot.php" in your rox installation (usually: /var/www/rox/), all unsent mail from rox will be sent to /tmp where it's accessable via editor.

a short intro to virtual machines (VM)

A virtual machine is a program that pretends to be a computer, so that you can run an operating system (like linux, MacOS, or Windows) called the guest OS, on top of your normal OS (called the host OS). Combined with a ready made image like above, this allows you to have a running setup within minutes, without wondering how your own computer is setup.

Also, it allows you to write code without worrying that it may wipe out your data, as programs in the guest OS cannot access anything outside it.

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