Changelog 0.7

Milestone: 0.7

  • Added "Edit" links to profile page content boxes when viewing own profile (ticket #1651)
  • Changed default search parameters of map search to return more relevant results (ticket #1626)
  • Changed inclusion of JavaScript files, rewrote main.js (ticket #1633)
  • Fixed display of weird numbers when listing or editing "Family and close friends" (ticket #1580)
  • Fixed truncation and crash when using single quotes in profile data at signup or edit (ticket #1279)
  • Fixed deletion of "Family and close friends" via edit profile form (ticket #1634)
  • Fixed deletion of "Family and close friends" via friends page (ticket #1646)
  • Fixed editing of group forum posts to keep group affiliation (ticket #1418)
  • Fixed broken group wiki page names when using special character (ticket #1481)
  • Removed "Show all" link from "Family and close friends" box on profile (ticket #1650)
  • Cleaned up various bits of code (no ticket)

Thanks to crumbking, mahouni200000 and planetcruiser for helping.

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