Changelog 1.2

Milestone: 1.2

Maps related

  • Added OpenStreetMap to map search (ticket #1635)
  • Added OpenStreetMap to sign-up page (ticket #1636)
  • Added OpenStreetMap to location update page (ticket #1637)
  • Added OpenStreetMap to blog post view page (ticket #1638)
  • Added OpenStreetMap to blog post creation page (ticket #1639)
  • Added OpenStreetMap to planned trips and members trips page (ticket #1640)
  • Added OpenStreetMap to trip destination creation page (ticket #1641)
  • Added OpenStreetMap / Google Maps switcher to all maps (ticket #1721)
  • Fixed high MySQL load while using "Search using map boundaries" (ticket #1806)
  • Fixed map search to show equal number of results and map markers (ticket #1696)
  • Fixed map search by keyword for various cities (ticket #1631)
  • Fixed temporary map search bug in zoom level calculation (ticket #1825)
  • Fixed location update map search to show error message if no matches found (ticket #1642)
  • Fixed "show them all" links at signup, location update and trip destination creation pages (ticket #1643)
  • Fixed broken special characters during location update (ticket #1615)
  • Fixed "Zoom In" button in marker popup (ticket #1701)
  • Fixed missing "r" in OpenStreetMap (ticket #1725)
  • Fixed missing border for map on blog post view page (ticket #1846)


  • Added support for multiple group admins (ticket #1703)
  • Added debug output configuration for JavaScript (ticket #1800)
  • Added support for JavaScript configuration via rox.ini (ticket #1805)
  • Changed code structure in main JavaScript file (ticket #1799)
  • Changed status and error messages in groups to be more visible (ticket #1781)
  • Changed donation bar to display 2012/2013 term (ticket #1803)
  • Fixed need for browser cache clearing for JavaScript changes (ticket #1776)
  • Fixed misleading "hidden" property for age / birth date on editing profile page (ticket #1783)
  • Fixed notifications for group admin on invite-only groups (ticket #1778)
  • Fixed notification about pending group join requests (ticket #1785)
  • Fixed pagination of group member list (ticket #1801)
  • Fixed editing of tags for forum moderators (ticket #1779)
  • Fixed wrong translation word code in blog settings (ticket #1815)
  • Removed outdated sitemap.xml (no ticket)

Thanks to abyssin, beatnickgr, crumbking, lantti, James_Oder_Dave, jsfan, mahouni, matthias, midsch, pablobd, planetcruiser, sanderr, shevek and toub for helping.

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