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fixed accidental removal of group shouts

Changelog 1.4

Milestone: 1.4

  • Added: Related groups (ticket #1695)
  • Fixed: Problem with inactive FAQs (ticket #1326)
  • Fixed: Relationship comments couldn't always be updated (tickets #1649, #1868)
  • Fixed: Trip page now loads custom CSS (ticket #1672)
  • Fixed: After edit a profile translation you now are redirected to the correct language (ticket #1756)
  • Fixed: Date formatting now correct when browsing in translation mode (ticket #1818)
  • Fixed and improved: Preferences stay put and are nicely grouped (ticket #1763)
  • Improved: Visibility settings directly accessible (tickets #1775, #1838, #1849, #1882)
  • Improved: Switch "Show all forum posts / Only show topics from groups where I am member" (ticket #1823)
  • Improved: Kick member from group wrong error message (ticket #1856)
  • Improved: Forum threads/posts set to ModeratorOnly? become inaccessible (ticket #1869)
  • Improved: Error notice when topic text field was empty (ticket #1890)
  • Improved: Forum Posts Lack Right Padding (ticket #1891)
  • Improved: Select 'help the project' while donation campaign is running (no ticket)

For translations see the translation page for 1.4.

Thanks to beatnickgr, crakk, crumbking, foodle, globetrotter_tt, james_oder_dave, jeanyves, jsfan, jonjon, lantii, mahouni, midsch, octobertales, pablobd, sanderr, planetcruiser, shevek, and sitatara for all their help.

Additional thanks to all anonymous testers.