Data Import

This is a brainstorm document on how data import from "other networks" could work.

Profile information

  1. Export at other network, for example via (JSON/CSV support) or csxport.rb
  2. Create import tool
  3. Import via upcoming JSON API

Linking profiles

  1. User enters username or unique ID of other network into linking field
  2. Rox suggests a random string to include on profile in other network
  3. User edits profile on other network and adds string
  4. User sets profile on other network to public (available without login)
  5. Rox retrieves remote profile, finds string, verifies link
  6. User sets remote profile to private again


  Step 1 of 3

  SofaRiding username:
  [..................]  [ Link profile... ]

  Step 2 of 3

  In order to link your SofaRiding profile we will need to verify
  that you have access to it.

  Include this code somewhere on your SofaRiding profile and set it
  to public:


  [ Verify ]

  Step 3 of 3

  Verification and linking successful! You can now remove the
  verification code from your SofaRiding profile and set it to
  private again.

  [ Find SofaRiding friends on BeWelcome ]

Finding friends

  1. Link profile (see above)
  2. Import friends list from via JSON API
  3. Rox suggests other linked profiles that are in your friends list


  • could be asked to send a POST request with JSON directly to BeWelcome API.

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