Rules for the developers mailing list

Apart from the obvious netiquette requirements, please consider the following before sending an email to the list to save everyone's time.

Be relevant

Is your message really of interest for a majority of the 92 readers (December 2012)? Or can the issue be discussed in a smaller group and only the outcome be announced to the list?

Be brief

Get to the point quickly. Use the forum, IRC or private messages for chatting. This is a working place. ;)

Reply below

Write in quoted context. Quoting the whole message you are replying to and writing a single sentence at the top is bad style. It will confuse readers and they will lose interest in a thread. Instead, write directly below the sentence you are referring to and cut out all the rest. Leave the "xxx wrote on yyy:" that your email client adds at the top. See the quotes section of the openSUSE mailing list guidelines for details and have a look at the example at the bottom of this page.

Address your audience

Write things like "hi all" or "hello veit and casey" at the top, so people know straight away if they should read on.

Fork threads

If a thread goes a certain direction that has nothing to do with the original email subject, consider altering the subject (e.g. "Name for project (was: Next milestone)") or starting a new thread.

Sign properly

If you add a default signature at the bottom, make sure it starts below a correct delimiter ("-- ", two dashes and a space), so readers can automatically snip it off when replying.

No attachments

To keep the mailing list archive small, please upload things like screenshots or SQL dumps to external services and post the link to the list.

No HTML mails

Also to keep the archive small and to ensure a consistent quoting style please untick "HTML mail" in your mail client settings. The good news is you can now use ASCII art! ;)

No ticket discussions

Please use the CC field of a Trac ticket to include people that you would like to get feedback from on a question or solution. Exceptions may be OK for project coordination and to find a person that knows more about a subject. But always supply a link to the ticket and encourage people to reply in a ticket comment instead of an email to the list.

No bikeshedding

OK, that's impossible, so at least try to reduce it to a minimum. If you don't know what bikeshed is, RTFM and worship Parkinson. ;)


An email following all the rules would look like this:

Subject: javascript be gone (was: Re: Making BW Lynx compatible)

hi everyone, hi beawer,

On 01/04/12 11:11, B. Wer wrote:
> Hi all,
> we should remove all javascript from the live site.

ok, sure. let's do it. i created for it.

> last time i checked js usage on the internet was in rapid decline.

i read the same. also the whole mobile-first thing is bogus. but that's for
another thread. i will post something about this in a minute.

cheers, tony

The grass is always greener on the other side. - A wise man

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