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General Information

User Guide

A guide for users for all functions of BW Rox, i. e. at The user guide is probably better off at our MediaWiki, it looks better and is easier to integrate into BW Rox itself (using ?action=render) but it should have public RW access first for this to work a bit more smoothly.

Admin Guide

A guide for all admins who want to use the software at their own server.


At the moment there is no stable version available. You can grab the code of the development version from our servers. It might not install out of the box without problems and we do not recommend it for production use.

System requirements

  • PHP 5.x
  • MySQL (version?)
  • Apache (version? special moduls / configuration? / might work with another http server as well)


  • Get the latest Version (link?)
  • ...


Developer Guide

A guide for developers who want to work with us here. The next steps can be found at the roadmap.

Get started




  • to bw-dev-discussion?

New Features

Trac Wiki Guide