Download BW-Rox

Rox, the software BeWelcome is running on, is available from our official GitHub repository. You are warmly invited to download, try out and modify the code. We would be very happy if you help us to improve Rox by committing your patches and joining the team. There are plenty of things to do! :)

There are two ways of downloading the repository, for both you need to have an account at :

  1. Cloning with HTTPS (recommended)
    git clone
  1. Cloning with SSH:
    git clone 

Different branches

The commands above will create a directory called rox with a copy of our code repository including all branches in it. By default the repository is set to the master branch, which represents what is currently running on If you want to see the latest development code, switch to the develop branch:

git checkout develop

If you want to change back to the master branch, simply type:

git checkout master

If you are new to git branches, is a good starting point for further reading.


BW-Rox is licensed under the GNU General Public License, version 2.

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