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One place for contact information

How to get involved?

Volunteers with good skills in any area of PHP, Javascript, CSS, SQL and high interest in hospitality exchange are encouraged to join at any time!

  1. Join BeWelcome: As the development is tightly linked with the BeWelcome members you should first of all become a member and look around at (you don't have to share your place, though you are encouraged to do so)

Report Bugs

Send a patch

If there is an existing ticket related to the changes you've made attach your patch file to that ticket. Otherwise please create a new ticket and attach your patch file. Be sure to provide a comment briefly explaining your changes.

Add "patch" to the keyword field as a hint to developers that a possible patch has been provided.

Join our team

  • Apply at All volunteers and developers for BeWelcome are managed by BeVolunteer, a non-profit organization. Please sign up in the forum and apply to become a volunteer for software development in this thread
  • You can also send a mail to dev [at] bewelcome [dot] org to get in touch with the coordinators of the team.


Keep up to date by joining our mailinglists.
If you subscribe it would be nice if you could post a short mail to introduce you. It's much nicer to actually know with whom you are discussing. In the end all this is about hospitality and getting to know each other and not only about coding cool stuff.

For information on joining, see: Mailinglist.

Download the code