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We want to make it easier to get started.

Mac OS X, GNU/Linux, other Unices

  • Check out the latest version from the Subversion repository. See: Download.
  • For further instructions, please refer to INSTALL in the repository.


Instructions from Anu's blog post.

Here's a step-by-step list to get you up and running within an hour (scrap that, more like 10 minutes if it all works out as it should):

  1. Download the package from SourceForge (we have it also in our SVN repository, but some people have complained it’s not optimal to get from there)
  2. Unzip the package to C:\wamp (it needs to go there due the current Apache setup of the package, feel free to tweak around in case you’d prefer to place it someplace else or indeed have your own Windows webdev setup running)
  3. Shut down Skype if you have it running (Skype by default takes over port 80 which is also used by Apache, not so nice. This could be circumvented by tweaking our Apache config however might result in other needs to tweak further on, so begone Skype!). You can restart Skype after starting WAMP and getting the site running.
  4. Run C:\WAMP\wampmanager.exe
  5. Left click the wampmanager icon in the taskbar (bottom right)
    • Apache -> install service
    • MySQL -> install service
  6. Start all services (the package is in German, so this would do it: Alle services Starten (or so). This glitch should be mended by the next repack)
  7. Go to http://localhost - you should see a page by WAMP manager. Click on the BeWelcome link and you should see the BeWelcome site running locally :) (if not, contact our mailing list to trouble-shoot)
  8. You can log in by:
    • admin/password (for "site god" privileges)
    • accepter/password (for signup-accepter role)
    • hkroger/password (for normal user role)
  9. Play around with the code, check out some Trac tasks on the BeVolunteer developer home page and get familiar with things such as repository location and instructions, database schema update issues, test / alpha server info etc etc

Testing e-mail delivery on your local Rox installation

Rox sometimes sends e-mails. Eg. I check the signup form on my local BW website; at the end an e-mail is send to the applicant, prompting her to confirm her registration. This function is hard to check, if you can't read the sent e-mails.

To get these e-mails into your local e-mail client, you need an e-mail server redirecting all BW e-mails to your client. At least, if you're on Microsoft Windows. So how could you get an e-mail server? Install your own!

I suggest to use hMailServer, because it's free - plus it's OpenSource?.


  1. Download from . On this website you also find a clearly arranged documentation, which is easily downloadable.
  1. Be sure you already have your MySQL database running and have your database password at hand.
  1. Start the installation process and follow the instructions.
  1. Start the hMailServer Administrator.
  • Create the domain you'd like to use for testing on BW (eg. Add an e-mail address to this domain catchall@your-domain. Declare this e-mail to be your catch-all e-mail address in the domain settings.
  • Create the domains and similiarly and again add catch-all e-mail addresses to them.
  1. Create new e-mail accounts in your preferred e-mail client for each of the three afore mentioned e-mail addresses and connect SMTP and POP3 to "localhost".
  1. Check, if your local e-mail server works, by sending e-mails to the afore mentioned e-mail addresses.


For discussions on the wiki, see this sub page: Troubleshooting. For other ways of get help and discussing development, see: Communication

Developers offering help

Micha (lupochen): CSS-structure (including YAML-Framework), simple questions about PT

Developers needing help

See also

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