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Getting started with the code / Troubleshooting


Common issues

  • In general, if you get errors regarding certain requirements, just try to modify your php and webserver setting files and turn on certain modules/libraries that are needed. Two important needed modules are GD for php (if you're using WAMP, check that php_gd2 is on under php extensions) and the rewrite module (this one is found under apache modules in WAMP).
  • If you get a "Data dir error!" message, change all permissions for the directory /data to 777 (= read, write and execute for everybody). chmod 777 data
  • For WAMP, make sure that safe mode is not on, or you might have some problems accessing the DB through mysql.
  • In case of a "GD lib required!" message, install the php-gd - libs (occured under ubuntu/Linux and under Windows with WAMP)
  • If you get the message "System error, please report the following timestamp along the error", try to set "magic quotes gpc" to "Off" in your php.ini and restart Apache. If this doesn't help, have a look into the error log of your Apache.
  • If you want photo uploading working manually, modify this line in /bw/htdocs/bw/lib/config.php
 ->$_SYSHCVOL['IMAGEDIR'] = "/var/www/BeWelcome/htdocs/bw/memberphotos/";

where /var/www/BeWelcome/ is the directory where you have stored your files.

  • If you click on "Community" and get an HTTP error 404 ("Object not found" or something similiar), something is wrong with your file [repository]/htdocs/.htaccess . Are you sure it is read by your webserver? Include some smut in the first row of the file to check, that the webserver does indeed pay attention for it.

Fatal error: Class 'DOMDocument' not found

Error message: Fatal error: Class 'DOMDocument' not found in /path/to/bw/trunk/inc/ on line 12

Solution: Create a new php file with this code in it:

 <?php phpinfo(); ?>

Then load the page in your browser, and search for "--disable-dom". If it's present, then XML functions are not installed on your PHP version. On an RPM based system (Linux) this command should work:

 # yum install php-xml

This worked for me. Chmac|Callum</small></sup>


Conflicts with older versions of PHP

One problem I (lemonhead) ran into was "GD lib required!", when trying to launch http://localhost/bewelcome. (yes, php_gd2 is already running..)

If something doesn't work (for instance, "GD lib required"), the reason can be that you have older installs of PHP somewhere.

  • check http://localhost/?phpinfo=1 with your browser (with wamp running)
  • find-in-page (Ctrl-F) for "php.ini"
  • There should be a line saying "Loaded Configuration File - C:\wamp\Apache2\bin\php.ini"
  • If you have another path instead, then there is something wrong.

The following solution assumes that you are no longer interested in these old versions of PHP stuff. So, what I tried (lemon-head):

  • disable older stuff by changing "foldername" to "foldername_disabled".
  • change paths in Windows setup.

I don't know which of them did the job. If you can find out, please add this here!