Hetzner vs. OVH

At the end of Nov 2011 the server contract for deer, hosted at OVH runs out. We are considering a move to a different server at Hetzner. We are deciding between these models:

(There are some special offers at Hetzner at the moment:

Hetzner pros

  • 49 EUR/month - 10 EUR less than OVH
  • Hardware about 4 times as powerful as OVH
  • A lot of experience with Hetzner by guaka, planetcruiser and others

Hetzner cons

  • Setup costs of 149 EUR (in the first year we would not pay less than with OVH)
  • Needs setup/migration
  • Same provider as for mail/DNS/dev, all eggs in one basket issue

OVH pros

  • Running system, no additional admin work
  • Easily covers current performance needs

OVH cons

  • 59 EUR/month - 10 EUR more than Hetzner
  • Outdated hardware

Also follow the discussion about this on our developer mailing list (

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