How to convert to MOD_words

Typical definitions of language variables on apps/forum

$i18n = new MOD_i18n('apps/forums/board.php');
$boardText = $i18n->getText('boardText');
$words = new MOD_words();

How to proceed

find all instances like the following:

 echo $boardText['found_1_thread'];

change them to following format:

 echo $words->getFormatted("Found0Threads");

Log in locally / on test as admin, go to [test|localhost]/bewelcome/htdocs/bw/admin/adminwords.php

In the admin interface Input the words with appropriate labels and texts. The texts can be found in text-branch folder corresponding to the file being changed at, eg. for forums these would be here: rox/bewelcome/text/en/apps/forums

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