How to write a bugreport

In nearly every software bugs appear. An annoyance, probably a problem maybe a security risk - in any case it has to be fixed. First step for bugfixing is noticing the bug and reporting it to the coders who can fix it. To make the coders job as easy as possible "good" bug reports are needed. What's a good bug report? In a best-case-scenario the bug report contains all informations that are needed to fix the bug. Not always possible, but let's try our best and open a new ticket (trac uses the word "ticket" for bugreport):

  • Your email or username:
    Obvious, isn't it? But it's good to know you if there are more questions.

  • Short summary:
    Try to name the bug with a short summary, that explains the nature of the bug, because the summary is shown in all buglists. General phrases like "doesn't work" or "problem" don't help to get things sorted out.

  • Type:
    Rough criteria, what is your report about?
    • Bug = a defect, something doesn't work (or not as expected)
    • Feature = (new) enhancement, feature, improvement - not really a bug.
    • Improve feature = a new introduced feature (probably in test or alpha) needs some more work/improvement/corrections
    • Job = A task or job still to be done (very often no coding skills necessary, like testing a feature or writing a documentation)
    • Unknown = No idea? Doesn't matter

  • Full description (you may use WikiFormatting):
    Try to be as exact as possible to describe the bug, provide every information that might be useful. If possible describe step-by-step what you've done when the bug appears. It's a good idea to check the following questions:
    • When and where appears the buggy behaviour of the software?
    • What do you think should have happened? What happened instead?
    • The name of the page and the parameters of the url?
    • Wether you were logged in or not?
    • What's your browser version and operating system?
    • The EXACT error messages, if there are any.
    • Advanced hints like "probably a mess in the stylesheet" or "wrong html-code at line XY"
    • Other information you think to be valuable
    • Ideas for a bugfix

  • Ticket Properties:
    If you don't know what to do here, don't worry. Leave everything as by default, someone else will take care about it.
    • Priority:
      Guess, what priority "your" bug is.
      • Blocker: Has to be fixed immediately / before release, serious security holes or stoping the whole software from working.
      • Critical: Should be fixed as soon as possible, security issue or breaking major tools/functions without existing workarounds
      • Major: Should be fixed, if no bugs with higher priority, not security related, but breaking tools/functions (major ones with existing workarounds)
      • Minor: Small bug, not security related, not breaking anything important
      • Trivial: No big deal, something like a Typo, small layout issues, fixing external links
    • Milestone: If a function is related to a milestone (like a release date / special version), choose it here
    • Component: Choose from the detailed list which component of BW/BV is effected by the bug.
    • Version: Which system (test, alpha, production, all) is effected?
    • Keywords: Additional keywords for the internal ticketsearch of trac
    • Assign to: mailadress/username of someone who is looking at the bug
    • Cc: mailadress/username of someone who should get a mail about changes for the ticket as well (add yourself if you want to be updated).

  • Checkbox: I have files to attach to this ticket
    If you want to provide a screen shot, check this box to upload your file.

Press "Preview" to check your ticket - everything alright? Press "Submit ticket" to save it. Hopefully someone will take care about it soon.

A big thank you for your report - all members of BW and especially the technocrowd appreciates your help!

Editiorial note: This text is multi-licensed with the GNU FDL and the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike License versions 1.0 or any later version

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