Hints & tips for installing bw-rox on windows machines – Part 0 : introduction

This is not a complete userguide but more a list of things you might encouter. Things that are obvious for one, might not be so for you and vice versa. Anyway, hope it helps.

This is written based on the following configuration: Win Vista SP2, PHP 5.5.0, MySQL 5.5.13, Apache 2.4.4. Most things should work in quite a similar way for other Windows versions (xp+) as well as for other PHP 5.x.x, MySQL 5.x.x and Apache 2.x.x versions, but differences in e.g. directory-structure can always happen. It is assumed that you have a smoothly working combi of PHP, Apache and MySQL, and have a basic understanding of how to work with them.

See also the instructions for installation and download of BW-Rox : (assumes Linux)
As well as this forumtopic with some useful stuff in it:

Part 1 : [InstallingOnWindowsBasicConfiguration] - prepare your computer
Part 2 : [InstallingOnWindowsGettingBwRox] - get the BW-Rox code
Part 3 : [InstallingOnWindowsBwRoxConfiguration] - get BW Rox ready to go
Part 4 : [InstallingOnWindowsOptionalUnits] - some extra's

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