Hints & tips for installing bw-rox on windows machines – Part 2 : Getting BW-Rox

GIT - Basic configuration

  1. Download GIT from, and install
  2. Configure name + email (this might be optional ?)
  3. Open the program "Git Bash" (you can find a shortcut in the installation directory of Git)

4a. Create alias (optional)
If you don’t like to work in your windows home directory you could make an alias, to jump to your work directory quickly.

vi .bash_profile
alias <aliascode>="cd /c/<path>”

<aliascode> can be anything: you'll need to type this into gitbash at the start of a session.
4b. restart gitbash
4c. type <aliascode> to see it in action
4d. type cd ..

From this point on there are two possible scenario’s here, depending on if you just want to test or read the code or if you also want to be able to contribute.

Get BW-Rox for testing

  1. Download a provisional version of BW-rox through:

git clone git://

And continue with Step 3: BW-Rox - configuration

Get BW-Rox for contributing

5a. Create public ssh key -
5b. Enter it into Gitorious (it will ask for it, otherwise: > dashboard > Manage SSH keys).
This needs to be done only once, but you’ll probably need to repeat this when working from another account/device.

  1. Clone BW-rox on gitorious -

Most common name for your own repository is "<username>-rox" but you can change it in anything that doesn’t exist yet. This will also be the name of the subdirectory in your working directory.

  1. Open Git-Bash and change directory to the parent directory where you want to have your local repository in.

Typically that is the directory where you ended up after point 4d. But otherwise you shoud move there yourself:

cd <path>
  1. Clone your own repository to your own disk. You can find the link in Gitorious (ssh), but it should look like this:
    git clone git@<repo-name>.git
  2. Create a develop branche
    git branch develop

10a. Add the main remote repository to your local git collection, <remotename> is the alias you will use for it. Most commonly used name is "upstream"

git remote add <remotename>

10b. Get the information from the remote repository

git fetch <remotename>

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