Meetings Application


places for past and present brainstorming / information:

trac tickets: #528

people working on it:

  • toni
  • anu

db model

basic requirements / features

some thoughts how to simplify for the first version to speed things up:

  • forget about integration with geographic system, just let people enter the location into a text field until we have a geo system

/* comment by Micha: I vote against this. Although we should make it available soon, we should at least try to implement some rudimentary geo thing. For now we could just use the TB location selector (See blog posts) or make a full-text-search in our geo-tables and display the results. If people don't find their location, they can add another detail to the nearest location (that is saved in a different field but displayed along with the location). Using Gmaps to point to a location would also make things fairly simple as we could store the Lat/Long? and the information that google provides to it. */

  • ...
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