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Page Layout with Navigation Sidebar

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In an attempt to simplify the BW layout and reduce the domination of the big orange teaser, while still providing all essential navigation elements, we think of a navigation menu with dropdown submenus as one possible solution. Such menus can be implemented with CSS or JS, or a combination of both.


  • efficient use of display space.


  • items in the dropdown are not visible in the first place
  • problems in IE6 with js switched off.
  • easily pops out unintended, then it hides other page elements. Special attention in the design!
  • Often a dropdown does not look like anything will pop up. Consider visual affordances in the design!

What goes in the submenus?

  • personal links (messages, profile, preferences etc)
  • community links
  • search (with options) - not necessarily as a dropdown, but as part of the menu)
  • help / about / feedback
  • admin ("volunteer") links


What is so great about dropdown menus? If IE6 might have problems, what about users with old computers or very compact ones (pocket pcs)? --sitarane (Julien)