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This is a test about what is possible with trac. This is a draft for the search members application of BW Rox

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You can get here by clicking "Members" in main menu (?)

The search generates results and displays the found members on the map and/or in a list. You can then pick a profile to get to a ProfilePage.


Matrixpoint Micha (Layout) Matthias (Layout)


On test: On live site:


Newstyle 2

by Micha, 17. November 2007: Description: fullscreen layout (without columns), fullwidth-map, buttons integrated IN google maps, advanced results-list, chosen/marked user feature (group some found members for temporary use)

the draft as .png:


searchmembers improvements
searchmembers: Allow search without restriction on map boundaries
searchmembers: Disable map is not working anymore
searchmembers, submit by enter not working
searchmembers, map not working
Preparing searchmembers for release.
searchmembers: remember search parameters
pictures not found in searchmembers
searchmembers: "search using map boundaries" fails in Opera 9.24
MOD_layoutbits is breaking searchmembers ajax xml
searchmembers ajax not working in Opera / no php closing tag ('?>') in some module files
Three possible views + session store of results for searchmembers page
searchmembers/ajax in Opera
words in searchmembers/ajax XML - quick fix
Searchmembers Google map markers -- improve placement
searchmembers: no search in german
Add contact-indicator to results in searchmembers
Reminder to remove logging in searchmembers.php
Notice: Undefined index: vars in /home/bwrox/ on line 53
searchmembers: Order by
Replace split up label string in searchmembers with one string
searchmembers: text/ map search zoomlevel calculation is broken on alpha

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