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my 2 cents

Let's simplify BeWelcome''' Maybe start with a few drafts:

Great, an attempt to reduce the "design overload". A design like this will allow a lot more freedom for the actual pages, because we don't have to build everything around the orange teaser any more. I hope we can fit in all the necessary navigation elements.

The change implies we have to modify our applications as well. Both the new Rox scheme and the older MyTB scheme assume a page with topmenu, teaser, submenu, and one or two sidebars, and the application pages are built on that assumption. So, it's some work to switch to a new layout, but it's doable. Eventually we could even have only some applications in the new design, and others in the old one.

A first step can be to add the new design in the extensions folder, as a conditional replacement of PageWithActiveSkin? (conditional = has to be activated in extensions manager application, via a session variable).

And, I like the photo with the car.

I'm curious about more drafts.

-- lemon-head