The BW Rox developer team

This is a list of people that were in the past active as software developers for Bewelcome. In fact some of them are still around! Anyway - it's rather a museum, with some key members of the team in 2014 missing - e.g. the current coordinator Shevek. So don't take it too serious...


  • Contact: dev [at] bewelcome [dot] org


Philipp (philipp)

  • Interest/Focus: project coordination, communication
  • Availability: limited
  • currently working on: No results

Felix (steinwinde)

  • Interest/Focus: anything simple, I'm a Java developer that needs to think PHP after many years of absence
  • Availability: evenings, weekends
  • currently working on:

    Improve AdminComment

Jean-Yves (BW jeanyves)

  • Interest/Focus:
  • Availability:
  • currently working on:

    forum notification - not for topic starter

Joel (jotak)

  • Interest/Focus:
  • Availability:
  • currently working on: No results

John (matrixpoint)

  • Interest/Focus: development
  • Availability: minimal
  • currently working on: Find people page/maps/geocode No results

Kasper (guaka)

  • Interest/Focus: fixing bugs; working on some minor features that can attract members; and some pet peeves (e.g. as <label>s, spelling)
  • Availability: random
  • currently working on:

    set up piwik goals (e.g. signup)

Matthias(globetrotter_tt) (matthias)

  • Interest/Focus: site layout (X)HTML/CSS, usability,accesibility, webstandards
  • Availability: evening(Hamburg time) and weekends
  • currently working on:

    Find a way to avoid comment spam

Micha (lupochen)

  • Interest/Focus: design, site layout (CSS&HTML) and some php programming
  • Availability: most of the time available, studying in Berlin
  • currently working on:

    Add localised groups

Tobias (tobixen)

  • Interest/Focus: server administration
  • Availability:
  • currently working on: No results

Daniel (quitelost)

  • Interest/Focus:
  • Availability:
  • currently working on: No results

Andreas (lemon-head)

  • Interest/Focus: new features & usability, trying to improve the OOP/MVC structure
  • Availability: depends - just try!
  • currently working on: No results

Peter (fake51)

  • Interest/Focus: team coordination, most things, framework and refactoring the core especially
  • Availability: look for me on irc, skype or gtalk - if I'm there I'm probably some sort of available
  • currently working on: groups

    Option to merge groups
    Allow all members in a public group to invite new members
    Migrate, refactor and fix admin debug tool
    Group deletion should delete group forum threads
    SEO URL re-write

Name (crumbking)

  • Interest/Focus: site layout (X)HTML/CSS, usability, accessibility, testing till the dev's cry ;)
  • Availability: look on skype: dev chat, sometimes irc, evenings
  • currently working on:

    Search - IE 8 UI bugs
    Redesign signup (mobile first)

Name (planetcruiser)

  • Interest/Focus: Release management/deployments, server coordination, Git magic, clean-up, PHP and JS hacks
  • Availability: Fairly available, find me on IRC - usually in the evenings, sometimes offline for days due to travels
  • currently working on:

    document current back-up and recovery strategy
    "Old pages" layout
    Archive BeVolunteer wiki and forum
    Finish "last comments" implementation
    API: Add form for API key generation
    API: Add support for API keys
    API: Add support for authentication
    API: Add support for writing profile data
    API: Write Terms of Service/Use
    trac rss not working

Name (BwUsername)

  • Interest/Focus:
  • Availability:
  • currently working on: No results
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