Add a new user

  1. Create user:
    root@lamb:~$ htpasswd /var/local/trac/bewelcome/ USERNAME
  2. Log in with new user account
  3. Go to and set email address
  4. Log out

Change a user's password

root@lamb:~$ htpasswd /var/local/trac/bewelcome/ USERNAME

Remove a user

  1. Remove user's entry in authentication file (disables login):
    root@lamb:~$ vim /var/local/trac/bewelcome/
  2. Remove user as "Assign to" select option:
    root@lamb:~$ trac-admin /var/local/trac/bewelcome/
    Trac [/var/local/trac/bewelcome]> session delete <user_name>
  3. Remove user's cookie authentication (i.e. open browser session)
    root@lamb:~$ sqlite3 /var/local/trac/bewelcome/db/trac.db
    sqlite> delete from auth_cookie where name='<user_name>';
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