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These pages are not yet official. Please visit the BeVolunteer Wiki for more info on BeWelcome Software development

Welcome to BeWelcome Software Development

We, as an international community, set out to develop, run and maintain, BW Rox, the platform driving BeWelcome and possibly other hospitality networks in the future, aiming to bring people together in real life.

Here we manage the development of software for (BW). This is a platform to browse our code, write documentation and create bug-reports or tickets regarding other issues with the BW software.

Current activity

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Jul 23, 2015

May 21, 2015

Aug 5, 2014

Jul 27, 2014

How to get involved?

Volunteers with good skills in any area of PHP, Javascript, CSS, SQL and high interest in hospitality exchange are encouraged to apply:

  1. Join BeWelcome: As the development is tightly linked with the BeWelcome members you should first of all become a member and look around at (you don't have to share your place, though you are encouraged to do so)
  2. Apply at All volunteers and developers for BeWelcome are managed by BeVolunteer, a non-profit organization. Please sign up in the forum and apply to become a volunteer for software development at the BeVolunteer Forum.

For programmers:

For info about trac and it's functions, have a look at TracIntroduction

For testing trac