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  1. Grep develop and master for translations and compare. Add new words to the table below. DONE
  2. Go to and search for the string DONE
  3. Add the English version and a useful description for the translators (where on the page the string appears and what's the meaning of the string) ???
  4. If you have other rights translate to additional languages TODO
Word code Suggestion Description Done
AddedSubgroup %1$s added %2$s %1$s is a link to the member profile, %2$s is a link to the related group
AddSubgroupButton Add related group
AdministrateSubgroupsTitle Administrate related groups
CurrentSubgroupsTitle Related groups
ErrorWhileAddingSubgroup Failed to add '%1$s' as related group.
ErrorWhileRemoveSubgroup Failed to remove '%1$s' from the related groups.
forum_edit_vis_NoRestriction World
forum_edit_vis_MembersOnly Members only
forum_edit_vis_GroupOnly Group only
forum_edit_vis_ModeratorOnly Moderators only
GalleryDeleteImage Delete image
GroupOnlyPostHidden You can't see this post as you're not a member of this group.
GroupsAddAsSubgroup Add a related group
GroupsRemoveFromGroup Remove a related group
GroupSubgroups Related groups
MemberKickFail Error: could not kick the member from the group
MemberKickSuccess Successfully kicked member from the group
NbOfLogEntries Number of log entries: %d %d gives the count of entries in the log (only visible to group admins)
RemovedSubgroup %1$s removed %2$s %1$s is a link to the members profile, %2s is a link to the related group
RemoveSubgroupButton Remove related group
ShowMyGroupsTopicsOnly Forum posts filter
ShowMyGroupsTopicsOnlyDes If set to All, all forum posts will be shown. If set to My groups, lists with latest posts will only show posts to groups that you are a member of.
ShowMyGroupsTopicsOnlyNo All
ShowMyGroupsTopicsOnlyYes My groups
SubgroupsTitle Related groups
SuccessfullyAddedSubgroup Successfully add '%1$s' as a related group. %1$s is the name of the group
SuccessfullyRemovedSubgroup Successfully removed '%1$s' from the related groups. %1$s is the name of the group
SwitchShowAllForumTopics Show all forum threads
SwitchShowOnlyMyGroupsTopics Show only posts to my groups
TitleAddSubgroupToGroup Add a related group
TitleDeleteSubgroupFromGroup Remove a related group
Trip_DeleteMyTrip Delete
Trip_EditMyOwnSubTrip Edit your destination
Trip_EditMyTrip Edit
TripDestinationLabelTab Destination
TripDestinationOptionsLabelTab Settings
TripsSingleTripActionsHeadline Action
TripYourOwnTripHeadline Your own trip!
TripYourOwnTripText Trips are a great way to keep track of your memories, share stories and show others where you are /were or will be. Plan a trip and make arrangements with your hosts beforehand. Show trips to people outside of BeWelcome or set them to be hidden for the public. Go sign up, to create a new trip yourself.

See version 6 for older version of the word list.